2016 S&S Cadillac XTS Masterpiece

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  • Back-up Sensors
  • Light Bar - Roof Mounted
  • Carpeted rear compartment
  • Coach Lamp, new sleek design
  • Custom Paint
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Half Vinyl Roof (w/Roof Band)
  • Flag Staffs (12"/18")
  • Landau Bar, new sleek design
  • Shadow box inside and landau bow outside in lieu of rear window
  • Snap-in Full Carpet
  • Strobe Lights (Multiple Options)
  • Matching OEM Interior Wood Trim
  • Urn Transporter
  • Wiring Only - for Customer's Light Bar

2016 S&S Cadillac XTS Masterpiece

The styling details evoke the classic lines of the stately "Commercial Glass" coaches from the golden age of funeral vehicles combiones with the sleek flow and state of the art technology of the latest Cadillac. Completing the modernization access to the casket compartment. Honoring the past...advancing to the future.