2016 S&S Cadillac XTS Park Hill

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  • Back-up Sensors
  • Light Bar - Roof Mounted
  • Carpeted rear compartment
  • Custom Paint
  • Engine Block Heater
  • Flag Staffs (12"/18")
  • Snap-in Full Carpet
  • Strobe Lights (Multiple Options)
  • Urn Transporter
  • Wiring Only - for Customer's Light Bar

2016 S&S Cadillac XTS Park Hill

In the tradition of elegant functionality and style, the S&S Park Hill features an entirely painted exterior combined with rear quarter windows that allow a modern design of flowing lines that integrate well into the Cadillac XTS. An extremely spacious rear compartment offering a traditional interior design with that extra load floor length to help accommodate flowers. The integrated design along with the unsurpassed S&S reliability allow for a professional vehicle that will build your firm’s image.